Aquatrition brings complete nutrient formulations for freshwater planted aquarium.

Elemental Nitrogen

  • Highly Concentrated (24000 mg/L)
  • Stimulates Plant Growth
  • Builds Chlorophyll
  • Replenishes Old Leaves
Elemental Nitrogen
Elemental Nitrogen
Elemental Nitrogen

Product Overview

Elemental Nitrogen is a concentrated supplement for freshwater planted aquarium containing one of the main macro nutrient “Nitrogen”. It’s deficiency results in shunted growth as it is important part of photosynthesis. Containing nitrogen in nitrate and ammonium form, it allows precise and controlled dosing of nitrogen in planted aquarium.


Using CAP 1, pour 500mL water to the contents of the bottle.

Recommended Dose

Use 5mL of the solution per 60 liters of water to raise the nitrogen concentration equivalent to 8 mg/L nitrate. For best results, use in combination with Elemental Phosphorus and Elemental Potassium by Aquatrition®.


500 mL

Dose Analysis ^key elements only

Nitrogen (N) 2
Potassium (K) 3.5
DERIVED FROM: Potassium nitrate, Urea (carbamide)